Joris - Flowmanager

Joris: “From on-call worker to flow manager. If you show that you want to grow in your work, anything is possible at Froster”.

After Joris obtains his HAVO diploma at the age of 17, he is looking for a nice side job for the summer. He sees Froster’s advertisement through the local newspaper ‘De Maasroute’. With the always busy summer, Froster is looking for enthusiastic workers. Together with his brother Hein, who has also graduated, they are hired to pick orders in the warehouse. After the summer, Joris will start further education. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings he continues to work as a side job at Froster. In the end, he makes the choice not to continue studying. He takes up the offer to join Froster full-time.


After approximately six months of working, Froster starts with a new WMS system. For this they are looking for one more colleagues who wants to help with testing the system. Joris signs up. In the end it turns out that he is very handy with the software. He quickly understands the processes and flow and thus helps with the further roll-out of the WMS. 32 hours becomes 40 hours a week.


In the following years, Joris developed from warehouse assistant to warehouse supervisor. As the company grows, additional positions are added, including that of flow manager. The flow manager ensures, among other things, that the correct orders are picked using the WMS. This in the most efficient way possible.

What makes working at Froster so much fun?

Froster is a pleasant family company. I already work here for 15 years. What I find special about Froster is that if you prove yourself you get more and more responsibilities and tasks. There are plenty of opportunities to grow within the company. That keeps the work challenging and interesting. If I didn’t experience that challenge in my work, I wouldn’t have worked here anymore.

And what do you do in your spare time?

I recently became a father which is very nice. Together with my girlfriend, the three of us do a lot of fun things. I enjoy to eat and a drink with friends. We also often play board games. I also like to watch sports such as football and cycling. Soon I want to buy a mountain bike to cycle a bit more myself. Every now and then I cycle to work from Berkel-Enschot, which is a good 45 minutes by bike. I have also been playing handball since I was 5. In recent years I have been doing this with a recreational team. The 3rd half is especially fun.