Marc - Transportplanning

Marc: "You can organize your own working hours. When it’s less busy, you go home on time. When it's a bit busier, you also take responsibility".

Marc started at the age of 20 at G Frost in Etten-Leur. He started as a warehouse worker and truck driver. Later he became a full-time truck driver. After a few years, a colleague who was responsible for transport planning leaves. Marc then took over this position. Not much later, G Frost was taken over by Froster. Froster was eager to take over Marc. Marc was open for a new adventure. Once here in Waalwijk, Marc goes through an introduction process of six months. Back then it was a bit smaller at Froster. Marc remembers that there were only 7 own trucks.We have a lot more truck at the moment. Marc is now supported by his colleague Patrick, who is also responsible for transport planning. The passion to drive the truck is still there. Marc sometimes jumps in when it’s really busy. Mainly because he likes it. Now almost 30 years later, Marc is still here in Waalwijk.

What makes working at Froster so much fun?

Working as a transport planner is fun in itself. I have great colleagues that I get along well with. I am proud of the company when I go home in the evening. The trucks are nicely lined up, the rides are fully planned again, that gives me a satisfied feeling. You can organize your own working hours. When it’s quieter, you go home on time. If it is a bit busier, you also take responsibility. It’s a confidential feeling you get with Froster. Froster is a part of my life. Despite other offers, I don’t want to leave here.

And what does Marc do after work?

I like to work with music. I am also the leader of a football team, and I am a big NAC Breda fan. Nice between all RKC Waalwijk fans here at Froster. I also go to the gym 1 or 2 times a week and I like to cycle and walk. Enjoying a terrace every now and then is also wonderful.